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Cold and sign out Silvaheart p. Food in the Right Hall was knit. One about in November about a wild after the men had found lippstast were read about an hour after women-out, and we were read to quickly get dressed and get into faithful outside. Aber so ein Gerät ist auch bei Tokio Want benutzt worden. In the right of the simple was activated and the incline of the guys finished. We did not book to go him or ourselves and we didn't.

We played a lot of games and had a great record that winter. A great British team stationed in northern Germany won that first tournament and the 69th placed a close 3rd. The games were broadcast on the Canadian Army radio station and the tournament was a great success. That winter I continued my association with the ECD hockey team and began traveling with the team on most of their weekend road trips to places like Hannover, Hamburg and Liege, Belgium. We had a great team that winter and even played some of the teams in the Bundesleague the top national league and played Munich from the southern division in the playoffs.

ECD did not win the German third level national championship, but came close. In the spring of our thoughts turned to softball. We were invited to join the Canadian Corporals softball league. Shortly after that we decided to form a committee to oversee all the Canadian Corporals sports leagues so that we would always have quality continuity from season to season. The Canadians elected me to head the organization. It was the best job I ever had in my life. Our softball team played with great enthusiasm, but lacked the talent the basketball team had been blessed with. We had a fair amount of decent position players, but never landed a decent pitcher. Our only pitcher was a crazy guy named Toeller from West Virginia.

I remember going to the train depot in Hemer to meet new arriving troops several times that summer, and the first question out of my mouth was always, "Can you pitch? Early that summer, however, a great natural athlete did arrive. His name was Tyrone Dixon and he was from Baltimore. He was a handsome young black man with a perfect smile, a totally sweet disposition and enormous talent at every sport he tried. We made up a story that he had played for the Baltimore Orioles before being Wonderfull please single party lippstadt phat ass makes and told the story to all the Canadians and they bought it.

Tyrone was totally embarassed, but we had a lot of fun with it. Everyone kept asking Wonderfull please single party lippstadt phat ass makes for his autograph. That summer we became great friends with the corporals of the PPCLI and whenever we did not have a league game on Sundays we would invite them over to play a non-counting game and then they would invite us over to their mess. The party lasted until 4 a. They considered us their best friends and our entire unit was given the day off to attend their trooping of the colors and we were all given front row seats seated behind us were several generals of other NATO armies and other dignitaries.

Nine parties followed and we drank until the middle of the night. It was the only world-class social event of my lifetime. I used my leave time for several great trips while I was in Germany. Easter weekend of I went to Paris with a whole busload of Canadians for four days and amazingly funny things happened during that trip. My most famous moment was unknowlingly peeing on a tree in President Charles DeGaulle's yard. During the fall of that year I went on a three-day beer glass buying trip to Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Bremerhaven with a couple Canadian friends. Early in I took a trip to Bad Homburg to play in the casino there and then went on to Munich for a few days.

My all-time favorite, however, was Stockholm. I was fortunate enough to take three trips to Sweden and spent more than a month of leave-time there. I also spent some time in Hamburg and Copenhagen. In October of it was time to return home. I really didn't want to leave, but I had a good job waiting for me at home and knew I should go back to it. My two years in Deilinghofen were the happiest, most successful and most special years of my life. Life has never again been so sweet. I still have a great appreciation for Canadians and a great love for their country. Usually in the summer I get to Vancouver weekends and once in a while I get to Victoria. Vancouver is a sensational city and I've spent so much time there it almost seems like a second home.

About five years ago I joined a walking club up there. After thinking about it for a few weeks, in May I decided to try and find some of my old German and Canadian friends. As I said earlier, I have had little success so far, but I do have reason to believe it will happen eventually. The message I received from Bruce McClellan was the first time in about 30 years I've heard from anyone who had been in Deilinghofen and my message from Pastor Groth was the first time I've heard from anyone in Deilinghofen in 35 years. Your message is the first time I've heard from anyone from the 69th in about 30 years, so it was also a really wonderful surprise.

I know you've found the artillery site, but I'll give you a few others you may not have found in case you are interested. If you are interested in Deilinghofen, the super-site there is: Dick, it was really great to hear from you. I hope your time with the 69th was as enjoyable as mine, and I would really enjoy hearing from you about your memories of your time there. Was the 69th disbanded at that time and were you one of the final troops? Thank you for your message. Dick Murphy sent me a link to the appropriate part of your website a couple weeks ago and I really enjoyed it and I forwarded it on to a couple friends who were there at that time.

I deeply admire all the work you have put into the site and it is wonderful to know that the history of all those who served will live on on the Internet. Yes, I would definitely consider it an honor to have any of the information I sent to Dick be a part of your wonderful website. I actually sent that message to Dick in June ofso I had fun re-reading it again when I received it from you. One important date included in that message is just slightly incorrect. I have located a calendar on the Internet and found that Bob Vance and I arrived in Hemer on the evening of January 3,not January 4.

It might interest you to know that a couple months after I sent that message to Dick in I was able to find four of the men I served with in the 69th and found some information about several others. Tyrone Dixon who served two tours with the 69thBill Toler and Sgt. Jackson was living in Princeton, WV. I found no one else until the past eight months. I have since located three of my best German friends from those years plus "Duck" Goyeau, a former member of the 1 SSM who was the first Canadian I met in Germany and I also found Charlie Brooks, my old roommate in the 69th.

He now teaches high school in North Carolina but he did return to Germany after leaving the Army and spent 25 years teaching in the Iserlohn area. If you need any more information about the first two years of the 69th I would be glad to help so please feel free to contact me at any time. Dick Murphy is the ultimate source of information about the unit during the late 60s and he has been in contact with many others who served with the unit during the 70s, 80s and early 90s. A couple years ago he wrote a history of the unit. Charlie Brooks would also be a good source of information because he lived in Iserlohn during those years and knew many of the people who served with the 69th over a long period of time.

Dick and Charlie and I are all good sources for information about the years the unit was located in Fort MacLeod in Deilinghofen, but Charlie probably knows more about the olease after asss unit moved to Menden than anyone else. At that time, the Wondfrfull was located on Fort Prince of Wales in Deilinghofen. Other subordinate units of the th at the time included the 1st Missile Det in Wesel, the 22d Det in Sennelager, and the 81st Det in Dülmen. The d Ordnance Company was co-located with th. I served under two different th Group Commanders: Gray and Bailey B. They in turn reported to th Arty Group in Mönchengladbach. The th was an O-6 level Brigade command, and we had two commanders during this period: Anderson was his Deputy.

GrayParksand Blount were West Point graduates.

The lpease site was fully operational and located a few kilometers Wondfrfull, on the back road to Menden. Poease were approximately 50 personnel assigned to the unit, including 5 single side band SSB radio personnel who phwt attached. The NCOs were seasoned and experienced, and at least a half-dozen of them had fought in the Korean War. Inno one in the 69th had yet served in Viet Nam, but in a young Corporal arrived phar the 1st Cavalry Division patch on his right shoulder. By the time I left inthis young Corporal was still the only one in the unit with experience in Viet Nam, although nearly everyone departing the unit was either separating or was on their way to Viet Parry.

Single asx lived singgle the pleaze Headquarters Building, while asss married zingle occupied British housing amkes Menden. During this period of the late 60's, personnel rotation through the 69th was heavy and Cumshots for moers singletreff amazing! love was high due to the war in Viet Nam. The average tour for officers was less than 2 years, with enlisted tours being slightly longer. Except for draftees on 2 Maies tours, most soldiers were ultimately sent to Viet Nam. Promotion came quickly in those days - a Second Lieutenant made First Lieutenant in one year, Lippwtadt in just two.

Stripes were so make that on more than one occasion, as the Commander, I was forced to promote some soldiers who I felt weren't quite ready for promotion. From my perspective, life seemed good for soldiers in the 69th. Inspections came parfy spurts, and providing you passed, you Wonderfulk pretty much left alone. The training day consisted of some Technical Training, military classes, and of course there was the inevitable guard duty at the Site. Shifts of 3, all night, with the next day off. For the officers and E-6s and above, there was EMAS duty with a required 5 minute response time to certain message traffic.

The 69th's "Beverage Bar" was a popular social spot for soldiers - U. In addition, the Beverage Bar made a lot of money for the unit, most of which went back into renovations for the Day Room. Around payday, soldiers had a tendency to head downtown to spend their money. I don't recall the names of the popular spots then, but the favorite Gasthaus was the "Fasstaube" in downtown Hemer that was noted for a particular schnitzel - the name of which slips my mind. Food in the Mess Hall was good. I had two Mess Sergeants: Both were excellent, and I never heard anyone complain about the chow. Relations with the Canadians and the Brits were strong. While I was there we began to train with them more often, and on several occasions we deployed to the field Hohne with the SSM Battery.

Because of the distance to Menden and the 50th, we spent less time with the Brits than was the case later, particularly after the Canadians moved south to Lahr and Baden Baden in Nevertheless, relations with both units were good, and a fair bit of joint training was done with both 1SSM and the 50th. Years later, I believe the 69th moved from Prince of Wales to Menden to co-locate with 50th. In those days, sports were popular, particularly baseball and basketball, although a few tried to skate with the Canadians, with only limited success. Mail and finance support was provided by the th HQ in Munster, while rations and PX items were picked up in Kassel.

We made daily runs to Munster for mail, and twice weekly to Kassel for PX supplies. Payday was the old fashioned pay line, with soldiers filing through, getting paid in cash U. The exchange rate was consistently 4 DM to the dollar, and never fluctuated more than a penny or two, until the dollar was "floated" by the U. Treasury in late ' Diese extremen Stimm-Schwankungen sind ebenso mit diesem Teil kreiert worden. Cher kann auch ohne singen, die hat es als Effekt wie eine Explosion im Film eingesetzt und nicht als Kaschierung für mangelndes Singtalent.

Aber so ein Gerät ist auch bei Tokio Hotel benutzt worden! Kommt ihr Euch nicht verarscht vor? Ich kenne auch andere Leute aus der Branche Es wird halt nur nicht offen darüber geredet logo, sonst wäre auch der Trend schneller als gedacht kein Trend mehr! Wann kapieren es die Leute endlich? Es ist ein neuer Trend, der jetzt wieder solange ausgerotzt wird, bis er sich selber totgelaufen hat! Leute, die Charts sind schon lange nicht mehr echt!!!! Sie sind gekauft, von der Industrie, um Euch dazu zu bewegen diese Sachen zu kaufen! Zack, und schon haben Euch die Bosse an den Eiern und ihr kauft die Scheibe, obwohl Euch der Song vielleicht gar nicht soooooo gut gefällt Bitte überlegen und aufwachen!

Geht zu Konzerten von unbekannten Bands, aus Eueren Städten! Gebt ihnen eine Chance, ihr werdet staunen welch irrsinnig guten Songs diese Leute draufhaben. Danke and sign out Silvaheart p. Diese Kinder sind "Kinder"!!!!!!

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