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By a misrepresentation of a section of its first verse, however, certain anti-German forces managed to give it a bad reputation. The first verse reads in translation: Germany, Germany above all in the world, When it stands together for protection and defense, From the Maas until the Memel, From the Etsch until the Belt. Germany, Germany above all in the world, When it stands together for protection and defense, http: That they are no longer today, is a result of two lost world wars, after which the victorious powers conquered and annexed huge parts of German territory and partly expelled and killed millions of Germans.

Hence, singing this verse should not be seen as an aggressive territorial claim, but as an eternal reminder of the huge illegal losses in territory and human life Germany suffered since the beginning 20th century. The two other verses of the German national anthem are pretty harmless, the second describing what the Germans are proud of German loyalty, German wine, German singing, and Hartberg single in [censored bent womenand the third is an appeal to unity, justice and liberty, three ideals that were not given in the politically splintered and often despotic Germany of Otherwise, singing the German national anthem Hartberg single in [censored bent considered to be something for either morons or neo-Nazis in Germany, as a British newspaper observed correctly in This was and still is quite a provocation, as most people really think that somebody who does that must be either insane or a Nazi.

Consequently, this was one of the reasons why a lecture announcement about abortion that I posted on one of those days was nicely embellished with a swastika after just one day. To understand the degree to which German self-denigration has lead, I had to come to the United States and experience myself — with great surprise and a bit of an uncomfortable feeling — that the first thing the entire school did in the morning was to sing the national anthem as it was broadcasted over the loud speakers. Not even I, who considers himself to be a patriot, would have thought of letting all students sing the anthem each and every morning.

This seems extreme to me, that is to say, right-wing radical. But here in the U. Because of the artificial controversy about the first verse of the German national anthem, domestic as well as foreign media are spreading rumors or false news that it is actually illegal in Germany to sing this first verse. This is not true at all. But today, many Germans believe it. What should one think of a people, which considers it to be alright that its national anthem is allegedly illegal? And what is one to think of a country where considerable parts of the population find it not irritating that songs could possibly be outlawed in the first place?

Unfortunately, things are just as bad in Germany, and even worse. As a matter of fact, many songs are actually outlawed in Germany, most of them because they have a military connotation, others only because they were sung during the third Reich, and others again because they allegedly or actually incited to unfavorable feelings to identifiable groups. As an example, I would like to refer to the case of Frank Rennicke, a German folksinger who composes and sings patriotic and nationalistic songs. Rennicke is as old as I am. He lives in a small town in southern Germany, only a few miles away from where I once lived. Eventually, I had the chance to meet him, and though his music is not always my style and I also do not agree with all of his political views, we became friends.

InFrank composed a song in which he describes the terrible experience of Germans who lost their home, their goods, and many of them even their lives during the last war. The song ends with the following two lines: As a consequence, Frank rewrote the song and simply omitted these two lines. The rest of the song is much milder. Frank is a father of five children and has no criminal record.

His wife, who was found guilty of having taken ONE order over the phone for one copy of this song, was sentenced to five months on probation. And this is just one case out of many, one that touched me personally. So what kind of a country is it where folksingers are threatened with prison for their unpopular songs, and where mothers are threatened to go to jail for Saints search single fucking viewing just one! The first flag that was seen by many Germans to represent the nation was the one adopted from the colors of one of the student fraternities whose members volunteered to fight against Napoleon in However, in lack of an all-comprising German nation based upon the will of the people, it was not to be accepted officially by any German monarchy.

Only after the demise of the German Kaiserreich after WWI, it was introduced in Germany, but it was Hartberg single in [censored bent accepted by a considerable part of the nation. For many, the so-called Reichskriegsflagge Imperial War Flag, see picture represented a more glorious Germany. Since the Kaiserreich was a confederation, where all membership states, kingdoms and smaller monarchies, had their own symbols, flags, rulers, independent police forces and armies, the Imperial War Flag was a symbol representing the whole, View and neustadt single lolo watch keisha was accepted by many people.

Hence, still today, this flag is a strong symbol of German glory. The first official flag to be accepted by the huge majority of all Germans was — unfortunately — the swastika flag used between and After WWII, the Black-Red-Gold flag was introduced again, this time to be accepted by all, accept for the Austrians who, forced by the victorious powers, had to say goodbye from their German motherland and stay Hartberg single in [censored bent. As with singing their national anthem, the Germans have similar problems with showing their flag, though it is not historically compromised at all. The first time I realized that there is something different with Germany as compared to other countries was during a summer vacation in Switzerland when my mother and we kids visited a Swiss catholic church.

The ceiling of that church showed a scene from the New Testament where Jesus rises from his tomb in glory, holding the Swiss flag in his hand. It is incomprehensible to me, why Jesus would hold any flag in his hand, not to mention a Swiss flag, a country that did not even exist years ago. I considered this a kind of displaced patriotism. However, if any pastor or priest in Germany would suggest to have the German flag displayed anywhere in his church, I assume he would be ousted as a right-wing extremist and, if persisting, would be kicked out of his parish. This would be taken as evidence for right-wing extremism by the environment and would lead to a social ostracizing, which can become quite unpleasant.

As a reaction to this, the authorities declared it a misdemeanor to show this flag in public. Needless to say that showing any flags of the Third Reich is outright illegal in Germany and can be punished with heavy prison terms. A legal practice that was even unheard of during the Third Reich. Similarly, all kinds of symbols used during the Third Reich are illegal to show in Germany. This does not only include the swastika and the SS-Runes, but many other rune symbols and insignia which are identical or only similar to symbols and insignia used during the Third Reich period. Some of these symbols were in use in various cultures of the world for many centuries or even millennia. Showing them in Germany, however, leads to prison terms.

Displaying such models with the historically correct, but politically incorrect insignia in Germany is a crime. Even if you have such items only in your private collection, if you are so unfortunate to tell your neighbor about this, he might be so mean and denounce you to the authorities, which can lead to a house search, confiscation of the items in question, and a prosecution for displaying illegal symbols. This, too, is an extreme overreaction, which was not even heard of during the Third Reich. It is illegal in Germany and can be punished with fines or imprisonment. Two friends of mine, who are certainly no Nazis and would never consider using this salute, once visited an ongoing trial against a historical dissenter.

The local Jewish community sent one of their representatives to this trial, as it is usually the case during such cases. As my friends approached the courtroom, they saw an acquaintance in the hallway waiting to be admitted as a visitor. My friends greet their acquaintance by briefly lifting an arms and waving at him. They are both indicted. The older of my two friends can prove that a he was not a member of the Nazi party during the war, and b his right arm is disabled, which proves that he could not possibly have made a stiff right-arm salute. So he gets acquitted. My other friend cannot prove that he was not a Nazi during the war, because he was born after the war, and he also cannot prove that he cannot lift his right arm, since he is healthy.

So he gets convicted and needs to pay a hefty fine. Hence, any German encountering anybody lifting his arm to a greeting, and if only for a wave, will experience what I do: Seeing somebody rising one arm, for what reason so ever, is frightening to Germans. Yes, we Germans are paranoid; we were made paranoid by our society. But this is only the start. When dealing with the concentration camps and the Holocaust, Diwald ended his section about this topic by stating that what really happened during this time is still not really clear, that many questions are still open, and that much more research needs to be done. This sufficed to trigger a storm of outrage both in the media as well as in academia.

Diwald had died inseveral prominent German scholars compiled a commemorative anthology for him. Robert Hepp, professor for sociology in Osnabrück. Quoniam in re publica nostra per regem non licet historicum quoddam factum ex officio approbatum ad incertum revocare, in dubio ponere, quin etiam negare, et cum omnis dissensio aperte declarata iudiciis severe puniatur, haereticam opinionem coram publico diligenter dissimulare oportet. Si quis nihilominus pervestigationibus omni studio peractis factum approbatum maxime dubium esse videt et veritatis gratia incorruptam rerum fidem collegas eruditos celare non vult, opinionem suam publicare non potest nisi abscondito modo.

Itaque lingua doctorum antiquorum abutens statuo interclericos quos quod sequitur obsecro, ut vulgus celent: Sed documentorum et argumentorum scholae revisionisticae ratione habita haud scio, an hoc verum sit. Unica cura veritas; neminem in dubitationem inducere, neminem laedere cogito. Quandoquidem vulgus vult decipi decipiatur! Hepp declares here that in Germany everybody is punished who publicly expresses certain dissenting views. If one nevertheless does want to speak out because truth demands it, one has to use certain methods.

For this reason, this footnote is in Latin. Hepp denies that the story about gas chambers used during the genocide of Jews in so-called extermination camps is a true story. He says he has been convinced by scholarly revisionist arguments. Because of this footnote in Latin language, Prof. Since the statute of limitations was already passed, he could not be prosecuted, but the commemorative anthology was subsequently confiscated [10] and burned in waste incinerators under the supervision of the German police. Far is this from being true.

The first and most spectacular burning of a scholarly, heavily footnoted historical book by the German authorities occurred in the early s. Victim was a book written by a retired judge who analyzed the historical and legal foundations of several trials held against defendants, who were accused of having committed crimes in the former concentration camp Auschwitz. Not enough with that, Stäglich saw his pension cut down, and the University of Göttingen, where Stäglich had made his PhD inwithdraw his PhD title. Stäglich was not sentenced to anything — he could not be prosecuted because the statute of limitations had expired — the German Federal Constitutional Court nevertheless decided that the University of Göttingen acted perfectly legally.

The book critically analyzed various aspects of the Holocaust and came to several quite controversial conclusions. His field of expertise was Russia, and the German-Russian war in particular. Just prior to his retirement, he published a thoroughly researched and well-documented book on the way Stalin planned and conducted this war. Hoffmann shows how Stalin planned as early as to overrun and conquer all of continental Europe, what extremely cruel method he used to force his soldiers to fight an unwanted war, how he unleashed a reign of terror over not only his own people, but all people that he re- conquered during the years But what enraged many left-wing politicians and media personalities most was the fact that Hoffmann exposed some of the Soviet atrocity propaganda unleashed against Germany exactly as what it was: Only because the judge responsible to decide whether or not a trial should be held was a personal friend of Dr.

Hoffmann, was he left unharmed. A longer, clearer, and more courageous preface attacking the restriction of freedom of speech in Germany was initially written by Prof. Topitsch, an Austrian historian who had published on the German-Russian war himself. But facing an escalating wave of prosecution of historians see next sectionProf. Topitsch got so scared that only a very brief preface was finally approved by him. Werner Pfeifenberger once taught political science at a fine German university. Then he committed the crime of quoting the German communist Kurt Tucholsky out of context. Tucholsky once wrote that the German bourgeois should be asphyxiated. As dramatic as this sounds, read in context it is not that dramatic anymore.

Pfeifenberger had used this and other quotations in an article he wrote juxtaposing nationalism and internationalism, he was massively attacked for being a right-winger. Pfeifenberger temporarily lost his job at the state university where he worked. He fought against this dismissal and won. Next, certain political and media lobbies demanded that he ought to lose this job as well and that he be prosecuted for his writings. After many years of harassment by his colleagues and students, and after having lost his job, he finally was indeed indicted for allegedly having committed a crime by writing critical comments about internationalistically inclined Communists.

On May 13,when Prof. Pfeifenberger received notice of the initialization of criminal prosecution with the threat of up to five years in prison, he committed suicide. Pfeifenberger was considered an Austrian patriot and conservative who had many friends in academia and politics, most of them conservatives and patriots themselves. I myself know quite a few of those academics, and the fear I heard and read expressed in communications, panic stricken fear of facing possible persecution against anything right-wing, conservative, patriotic in Germany and Austria, has stunned and frightened me.

Since the mid s, an exhibition organized by communist propagandists is shown all over Germany, with public approval and support, depicting the activities of the German armed forces during World War II in a one-sided, derogatory way, as a formation of mass-murderers and criminals. The propaganda-warfare against the Wehrmacht in particular and the German nation in general has become so bad that some elderly people are getting massively upset. A defense against these lies is almost impossible, since any dissent from the official line can lead to ostracizing and in extreme even criminal prosecutions.

He went to the Munich Feldherrnhalle, poured gasoline over himself and set himself ablaze. He died shortly thereafter. As Germany suppresses any commemoration of Reinhold Elstner, so did the communist authorities in Czechoslovakia untilwhen their system finally collapsed. Censorship as far as the eye can see InI was invited by a small historical society to lecture on some historical research I had done in and which had been published in The president of this society is the Fürth high school history teacher Hans-Jürgen Witzsch.

After my lecture, this society gave me an award for my research accompanied with a small donation.


During later years, I stayed in touch with Mr. Witzsch and learned more about his activities and ongoing research projects, which focus on the post-war Nuremberg trials and other post-war trials. Hratberg in Germany, things are Hartberg single in [censored bent bit Hartberg single in [censored bent when topics are touched which could undermine on reputation Gorgeous fur singlereisen frauen nur loves self-proclaimed moral superiority ln the justification of existence of certain pressure groups who define themselves primarily by being opposed to anything that did actually or only allegedly happen during the years through Hence, sinble daring to revise the black-and-white [cfnsored historical image of this period of German history, no matter how well founded such revisions may be, will feel the heat of those pressure groups, which mainly consists of anything liberal and left-wing as well as anything Zionist, Jewish, or philo-Semitic.

Witzsch did exactly this. As an honest researcher and scholar, he felt obligated to publish his research results despite the fact that the authorities would not like his results. Gemischt mit einer Portion Hilfsbereitschaft der fortgeschrittenen User kommen aber alle gut mit den Programmen zurecht. FidoNet und SchulNetz zeigen, wie man auch mit wenig privaten Mitteln viel erreichen kann. FidoNet gibt es schon 10 Jahre lang, in Österreich 9 Jahre. Das übersteigt aber die Möglichkeiten der Sysops und ihrer User. Diese Knoten haben jahrelange, unbezahlte Arbeit für die Schule geleistet, Information und KnowHow für alle ge- sammelt. Literatur Sehr viele Buchbesprechungen können Sie in diesem Heft finden; die Bücher wurden uns dankenswerterweise vom Verlag Konrad zur Verfü- gung gestellt.

Alle Bücher gehen in den Besitz der Rezensenten über. In manchen Fällen handelt es sich um Pro- gramme, Makros oder Texte, die zum Buch gehören und die das Arbei- ten und Lernen tatsächlich erleichtern. Eine Verlängerung des Buchin- halts auf elektronischem Weg sozusagen. In manchen Fällen wird aber einfach eine Auswahl von Sharewarepro- grammen beigelegt. Wäre eine gute Sache, stünde nicht ein Copyright-Vermerk auf der Diskette. Was der wohl bedeuten mag? Für die Autoren ist er schlecht, denn er verhindert genau das, was die Autoren wollen, eine Weitergabe an mögliche Interessenten und spätere Kunden.

Die Verlage wollen sich offensichtlich ihre schwierige und einmalige Arbeit der Zusammenstel- lung der Programme schützen lassen, denn Rechte auf die Programme selbst dürften sie ja kaum erworben haben, da jedes dieser Programme noch im Original-ZIP vorhanden ist, mit dem Original-Copyright des jeweiligen Programmautors. Deuten wir also den Copyright-Vermerk als das Verbot, die Diskette as-is zu kopieren. Damit sich die Leser über diese Inhalte informieren können und damit die Sharewareprogramme eine weitere Verbreitung erfahrenwird eine überarbeitete Zusammenstellung dieser Programme in die Diskettensammlung der PCNEWSedu aufgenommen.

Erlernen der Programmbedienung Benutzer von Computerprogrammen haben oft sehr verschieden Motive, Ausbil- dung, Vorkenntnisse im Bezug auf die Programme, die sie bedienen. Moderne Windows-Programme bieten jedem Benutzer den richtigen Zugang: Hier kann Windows noch einiges von DOS lernen. Mit dem Ausdrucken der Clubkarten wurden alle Daten in einer Datenbank aufgenommen und werden nur mehr dort bei Bedarf aktualisiert. Das betrifft auch alle Autorendaten. Interrupts Interruptprogrammierung ist ein Kernthema des hardwarenahen Pro- grammierens. In dieser Folge werden grundlegende Arbeitstechniken wie Interrupts schalten, Interrupts substituieren oder Interrupts modifizieren vorge- stellt.

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