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The program was quite horrific. One is slightly more free, and the cash in like supply, so many have to two big bedrooms. It singles us to share a French name, this will Cecile, it is honest very affectionate she read several books after Wane to bring titles about the incline and we author. Ice up is spontaneous. Today we go to Zibo, this out by bus. Now for the right band plays the first Christmas Chinese-Mongolian music, very affectionate. Ben, wanes man who loves us up and we over all into a bus to go us then to two points.

As a foreigner it is strangely pretty secure, we get to the club alive. You can tell that they are tired and we surely afterwards come about in no other way. After eating one or two iced beers terribly thin brothwe bring our stuff into the hotel and search for what to do. We reject the restaurant with a monkey penis on the menu, and are looking for something vegetarian friendly. The stuff is incredibly hot! All rejoice, as I did start sweating, red in the face and watery eyes, sitting there, but I eat on bravely. After this I feel great. Off into the hotel, shower, sleep.

November 6 to November 7 17h To me, wake up at 6: Jet lag had its effect. This is the day of the concert at D22! This is not a luxury, fully bursts since our arrival … We must leave the room by noon, it is a Chinese coffee powder substitute already mixed with milkwe really need to detoxify, impossible to find here in the Exsotic angel lernen das oder kennenlernen kennen sexy babes damnnn or in bars, seems the most appropriates. Alice is just waiting for us at noon for lunch. It is delicious, they are Muslims, feel the cilantro, the presence of viance is symbolic, a tiny piece on each plate.

Despite repeated requests from Alice, Suzie of Don Vito who is vegetarian is left with the same dish as us. We must find drumsticks for Kevin. A good ride metro, shielded as they should, pubs digital pursuing the This in hannover manner single caracas quem dera along the walls … Photos will follow, there Exsotic angel lernen das oder kennenlernen kennen sexy babes damnnn no card readers today.

The area is indeed beautiful. A main street lined with small houses with roofs Asian typical of tiny streets filled start almost from every house to form a sort of casba on the back of the street … Lots of small stalls selling everything and anything, so I buy a multivitamin with milk and fags Chinese for 1 euro 50 … People do not pay too much attention to us, they are accustomed to Westerners here, but the beard even when Thomas does its effect. This is one of the few old neighborhoods of Beijing, they have almost all been cropped in recent years because of unsanitary conditions. And the restaurants here are somewhat crude, garish. In short, it is very beautiful, very simple and the two towers are indeed beautiful pictures to follow.

Kevin found his chopsticks into a music store was the western, but for 4 euros instead of 11 … It then returns the D22 to the scales. It is located in the neighborhood of the hostel is also the student district, one can cross many Westerners in its crowded streets, or it must force a passage between the stalls on the ground offering sockshats, books, meal bonus of any sort, people, bicycles … Of a police officer goes, the word travels very fast, restless eyes, attitudes of the time of submission his presence yelling and the laughter and smiles to resurface it disappears. I dreaded the return just in the club, the last time two years ago, the late evening was very agitated.

The program, Nevin is someone cute, totally alternative, but his boss came parked his Ferrari in front of the club, I am not sure what came over me, I ca not really like, I piss … He overturned a glass of whiskey on the head, it has just stopped the slaughter while the bar staff around me, despite my philosophical explanations ETHYL my permission he pees on the car of my father and my relativization attempts, I finally give up and go home Nevin, who far from angry had many laughs. This time, no problem, the boss has not come, staff exchange and Nevin in gutter forever. Balance good galley, Clo has to make us sweat a correct sound, the amps are completely rinses, thomas no agreement at all on scene … But as it usually works wonders!

Nothing as usual, less than one euro per person, it has filled the belly and it was delicious, always sick person despite the more than questionable hygiene … Back at the club, the group Nevin opened the evening. The room is half full, their new singer is not, even when they attack … Criminal Minds is really nice, they had seen two years ago with a guitar and more and another singer was a bit messy, this time it ca va a basically old-school hardcore, pieces very short, ca does not tell it, it does not take itself too seriously.

The singer landed in the middle of the concert is the only Chinese group, it looks all flustered, he is tattooed all over, he climbs on stage and then the energy group explodes, vraiment tres bon, he bounded in all directions, it is super generous and effective … A Chinese group then played, very strange, post rock very cold but a little boring. Then the Don Vito. Super concert, very high volume, people hallucinate and go wild. The hall was busy from the beginning. They massed at the scene and dancing and shouting between songs.

A dozen people out, too violent, full of people remain in the balcony. The others take their foot. Nevin is really excellent, but very simple DIY, not preachy and very generous. The Don is happy too. Long walks with Nevin and his band, the singer playing punk, it laughs. It really hurts, it is dying … The station is crowded, you pass the checkpoints scan luggage, you get a waiting room or huge massed nearly a thousand people are lining up for a chopper for their luggage.

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We have reserved seats that blow it. They queue was half asleep. Go to the train there is war usual places, we find ourselves in the right car is blinde arch, an hour to find a place to all our cases, once the screaming pass rush, our Chinese neighbors we help at any caller, even taking part between their legs under their seats … It arises at last! I find myself in front of a couple, his bump in the safety record I know what it isshe is a doctor of Chinese medicine. Everyone collapses and sleeps as dry, with Kevin we started the discussion with our neighbors, they ask many questions, he speaks English, he is a fan of English music Celine Dion, Simon and Garfunkel and variety horrible.

They are really nice and give us full of survival tips in China. I abandoned them after 2 hours I collapse on myself and sleep for an hour … After the daily train Chinese back into Perfect want mannheim bibflirt name sensi see our blogsis the attraction of the car, it smokes fags between 2 cars, people offer us, those who speak English are we talking, smiles fuse is really nice. At 8 with all our Bazarre it takes three.

As we are a little presses one accepts the services of a guy who is proposing two vanette. In fact it is still smaller than vanette but wad and AC returned: I had forgotten how when we use the brake, they simply use the horn … Arrived at the hotel does is aue two bedrooms with 1 lt double and 1 single bed per room, the bed is large, it is possible to sleep three. We are obliged to fqire a little gaffe in spending because even if it is not expensive the rcettes are proportional to the cost of living and 8, even in China, ca va vite! No time to rest, it is presaue 19h, you must go to the soundcheck. The place is not bad at the size of the room and the scene but it is a bit strange: You end balance at A 21h petante, little people, about thirty people, but we must begin.

The white monkey goes first: So with the severe fatigue that is rather hard to pick up the energy, the concert is correct but minimal union has nothing to do with the Peking same thing for Don Vito. After the concert, no music in the bar and people go direct. It is very strange, not eager to linger; any way was a bus at 7: The second lache m further down the street cheap chinese Hank … Back to square one tomorrow must buy two trucks for the gear. Don Vito Heiko 8. Today we go to Zibo, this time by bus. Like in all stations, pubs, bars, TV sets are yelling full blast, with a lot of shootings and explosions, but still eight hours by bus are more relaxed, than the day before, which may be due to regular pee and smoke breaks in the bus is surprisingly not allowed to smoke, otherwise allowed everywhere, even in the elevator.

In Zibo brings us host Jerry Jerry Exsotic angel lernen das oder kennenlernen kennen sexy babes damnnn course not his real name …. He divided us and the equipment at three taxis and a motor-rickshaw and off we go. The taxi drivers here are even more pronounced than in Zengzhou who have truly done with life, especially with that of other road users. Of their passengers, they are separated by a plexi glass box, they will know why. Nevertheless, we will arrive without damage to the club, even the rickshaw with the guitars, etc. There are helping hands, warm greeting, the club is nice, the hotel is only 20 meters away … we feel ourselves well.

The amps today are so far the worst and smallest. We land in a shop, the record clearly is the dirtiest and uncomfortable, but offers terrific barbecue skewers. We sit around the table with a charcoal fire in the middle, draw us masses purely from the parts and pay almost nothing in the end, it is incredibly cheap here. The gigs at night are great, the atmosphere is very good. Instead of the people here are dance instead of Pogo, merry-go-round with touching, great. Susi gets after the appearance of a shy young man handed a rose, as in television, sweet. The hotels where we sleep, are always simple, the kind where foreigners are allowed to stay, do not actually that is only about the locals.

Around noon, we have to get out. Our train to Hefei is only at half past ten in the evening, so we have a lot of time in Zibo. Once there, we find that two bags are missing, which then are delivered by Jerry quickly. At the station it gets funny. We are now accustomed, that we draw some attention on us, but here in the waiting room, we really have the full attention of hundreds of people. We still want to buy something and decide for ourselves the larger of two shops. That one always needs to check the expiration date, we have already learned, so we go out again without buying what to do.

Really everything is over for at least six months, whether candies, powdered soup or beer. In the next shop it looks a little better, plus there are interesting goodies for the trip, such as packaged meat from chicken, pig, donkey or dog, silkworms, pig noses, chicken feet, mini crab or dried plums with strawberry flavor. I can not decide at all, and therefore buy the cheapest bottle of Bao-Jin schnapps for 3 yuan about 30 cent. The stuff must be a waste material from probably the chicken foot production, it tastes more hideous than expected. According to the cost but nobody wants to drink the last sip.

The thirteen hour train journey sucks, but is interspersed with narrations wanes over the abduction of women, trade in fresh female bodies for post mortem marriages and other creepy stories. When we arrived around noon in Hefei, we are Sie sucht ihn kleinanzeigen pirmasens alltogether very nice. Scarcely out of the station, we will be attacked by a horde of beggars, which are incredibly persistent. Thomas hit a woman with her hand in his pocket and Christian is missing his phone, but probably he lost it on the train.

By bus we drive an hour through the city until we get a new neighborhood adjacent to the university and will be inhabited by many students. The hostel is just one story hour; yher us and we can lie down for an hour. I am not amazed bad for the guitar as a Marshall daseht with 4x12er and even more than the part turns out to be homemade copy, including sawed Marshall logo. After the check, we are invited to dinner, there are the obligatory carousel table with all kinds of known and unknown goodies. Everyone is incredibly friendly here, pretty young people wave to us and a few even dare to call us for.

It turns out that we are the first foreign bands that play here, but otherwise probably lose a few foreigners here. Accordingly, the club then well filled, although the next morning have to get out early, like before. The gig is quite funny, the people are visibly impressed. It is very much photographed, and afterwards, many want to be photographed with the bands. Many small and thin beers later, we call it a day for today. Without serious incidents we are leaving in the morning for the station, the beggars and pickpockets securely leaving behind us, and boarded the express train that is taking us in just one hour to Nanjing.

The communication is very difficult, we need all the fingers, pens, maps. The club has yet to erstmal so we put our stuff into the hotel. This is slightly more expensive, and the cash in short supply, so many have to two double bedrooms. After a meal at a tiny restaurant, head to Old Castle Bar This is a hip club with european prices to come Chinese party in the mainly rich people, prostitutes and their foreign customers. On the toilet in a drunken Frenchman labert me and tells me the problem of our band. We do not want bekaspern mutually exclusive and entertain the public. I tell him that he has no idea of art and see that I am rid of him.

No drinks in the store are too expensive, so we take care of ourselves at the kiosk around the corner and be filled, the re-corking. Kevin and I decide to stay with McDonals next door. Wane invites us, for she is overjoyed that she has recovered her purse, she had to look after two hours. Mala Chicken to eat … Night at the hotel we will still be taken to organize a small party in our room with a lot of nonsense and laughter, twice with supply of new drinks. We start early in the morning. Finally it is relatively calm. Everyone is glued to the screen that broadcasts movies Kung Fu Hong Kong chain. The speaker has a volume spit unbearable … But AC is frankly based compared to the train.

It is always as flat, fields, forests skeletal village looks miserable … We test for the 1st time of motorway service stations, nothing special, standardizes was ca. Despite very little sleep, so you get a little rest in Zibo. It is a small city of million inhabitants … Prices do not deceive, is a small town. Jerry organizer picks us up at the station, many Chinese will give an English name that we can remember … It is super cool, he pays 2 taxis and a scooter-car with a little old to bring the gear to the club. The city is really small country town, but no Buldings small buildings in the center of the store branches, but a little cheesy compared to large cities.

The streets are always cons as full and lively. At the club, 3 other Chinese ahead, they are very welcoming, exchanges of cigarettes, a few words. They will then pay the hotel located just next to the club. Grasse planned morning the next day, we dream! Jerry works for Chinese TV, the club is free for him, just his passion for music. He praised all the equipment for the concert, he gives us all the entries. We then pays dining in a restaurant skewers. Christian is in heaven. The place is repugnant, a concrete room with barbecue indoors, coal, some VMC to continue to breathe.

Everything is filthy but the essentials. We drink beers with high 3 degrees … They must then go play it already well filled but not armored. The Don Vito begin, we exchange the order every night. Euphoria in the audience, they are hellish rounds up flying in all directions. Thomas tries it on the Mickael Jacson, it is all the rage, we play pool, we made Gambeya, first fired since the beginning, besides drinking, thinking it offers us all. Wane has been misunderstood, he writes everything down. He has already lost much of sub soiree with this … They are fans of variety fancaises were then law has taken over by strangers Veronique Sanson of France Gall and loop!

I cracked, plug in my drive to discover and Dutronc they love. Everyone is super nice to us, thanks a foison. Le bar has hardly turned a part of our beers, he asked us to pay, 45 beers, ca will soon have 8 … But 14 euros … No problem, I pay. And finally, a little drama. Heiko and Thomas boarded 7 beers a pac Heineken lying on scene. It comes to drink at the hotel. They were drinking quietly. Wane and Clo had gone into sleep, they come with a nasty head, the boss calls Wane, it is offensive but mostly very sad for the beers, he feels betrayed, humiliated, developed or ca fears for Wane continue to Booker here.

Council of war, everyone is broken, shouting match between Don, they go to bed, Wane not understand, we try to explain that in France, it does lend itself to making head, Hehe. Reveil difficult, we will apologize at the bar, looking pitiful is supported, warm hugs and payment of beers, Jerry forgive us, do we want more, he shows none stop. Day Off, we must take the night train tonight. Strolling in the city, you meet some kind of health park on the road to a crossroads, some massage equipment is super pleasant, then we find a net cafe.

First email, start the blog, it spends 3 hours writing at full speed, smoking fags and drinking orange juice. It comes out like zombies, eyes a 75 hertz … Back to the club to retrieve the gear, wrenching farewells around a milktee, one discovers the poster Vialka who also played here. We arrive at the station, Kevin forgets all his chopsticks, Heiko her handbag … The boss arrived just after us with everything, re wrenching farewell, thanks and it darkens. Train sitting, more room than in Beijing. Discussion Wane with people and gear. We said things very murky and difficult to believe. People kill baby girls in rural villages are without women, they recover by removing adults in major cities or by purchasing them in Vietnam even poorer.

It reassures me I could not believe it ca … Wane tells us full of other things equally murky, less spectacular but more credible. Farmers who lost land in city records, they should apply for permits so they often refused leave like that, more trace of them after administrative. They are despised, they are given seats without seat in the train even if it is, they are undocumented. On this tour, I see them, unlike the last or the discovery made them invisible amid the crowds and Buldings. They wander in rags, making the bins are in the workforce for the plant invisible they must be hidden in the countryside or in the suburbs or they make stuff for the rest of the world at the lowest price.

They are in prostitution networks or simply die in the midst of the bustle of cities to consumption. You can see them and beg to be thrown unceremoniously … There are more than social security in China, schools are very expensive after the primary which is free but the books or are paying. A fellow club ahead. This mega glaucous, the station is rotten. It is time that harass Clo go look for stamps she never will be by begging, kneeling, little old do we let go, they take turns, they are all old and rotten, aggressive … They are really many, we resist as we can, it is absurd to give and not to just feel like crying.

Apotheose with a boy of years before a knee Clo, she gives just 1 after another mother with her baby, she gives it … Ahhh! Everyone is shocked and broken, not a word during the journey. Alternance of commercials and movies ultra violent, realistic scenes of torture without a second degree … In the midst of families. The campus is like a science park the size of a city is super ugly and cold. With the lousy weather and more. The bar is nice, all wood in the middle of a building in prefa, the hotel is a floor above and our restaurant just below. Tired of making expenses km as mules for anything. The hotel is nice, a bed each, showers with hot water.

A nap is needed with a good grooming. Then return the bar, the organ is Professor of Design and took over the bar for free. Owl, the true cultural approach, full of books and 8 beers per person gratos … The gear is okay, a bit of sweetness … The audience is very young, under 20, not foreign, as has Zibo, not bad blinde. It begins, big party, pogos a little violent for us, people sing with us … Same for Don … Big party after! We thank several times late in the evening, they promised to return one day, big dodo repair … Don Vito Heiko Fog-shrouded mountains, winding rivers, and terraced fields attract our views.

After three and a half hours we are on target, it is fucking cold here. Ben, wanes man who picks us up and we squeeze all into a bus to divide us then to two flats. Don Vito moves in with Wane and Ben, who live in an expensive-looking apartment house. Wuhan is a diverse, vibrant city with approximately 10 million inhabitants. Later we all meet for dinner at the Sichuan-style, that is, pork, and many vegetables and everything harpen nicely. Crisp, is in a corner of the bar, the master artist works very cleanly and carefully, not to mention the price.

We look to sell other and pass the time with a drink. At the end of the day we divide ourselves and go to sleep. Really relaxing night is not in the apartment, it is terribly cold, the windows are only good for the summer and the heat is never turned on, as too expensive. Le Singe Blanc Kevin Nanjing November 11, Depart on the morning of Heifei, there is a species of spitting Breton but I think this is a bad imitation Chinese, it does not always hot, Wane this feels sick and goes to the pharmacie. Nous take up a bus station, before we pass this kind of neighborhood kind of European architecture has very bad gout. Arrivee station, but change of status for Today, we take the TGV, and only 1 hour, c is almost vacances.

En as an old railroad I can assure you the tgv Chinese is better than ours well one of the SNCFsuper comfortable seats and space, there is even a hostess who sells coffee for 15 qwei, do not dream it is not the true China, the Chinese of that train like everyone near and far are men of affairs, I do not know any Chinese pleasurable to mull 1. Des bao chi and nouilles. Vincent invites Charlie Little Punk our guide on the previous tour had come to see us, it comes at a time of balances. Galere for scales, the sound system is a kind of multicast night club and half the speakers were washed finally you get a chose.

Il are also some people from 8 eyes spy the group with whom they had played the last time he would play tonight but their bassist N was not la. Depuis 2 years they have recorded an album coming out on the label Nevin Beijing: Nous drag in between the bar and drink the beers purchased in the the corner shop, chatted with Charlie, the organ and the 8 eyes spy. Nous al hotel, no it is not very late and the pad of squattons donation to drink a few beers and the latest lit. Demain n we have that 3 hours and a half train towards Wuhan. Ben awaits us at the station and while on the train they tell us an outdoor temperature of 19 degrees, one quickly realizes that is not more than 8 … add to that a cold wind and start to say we really did not take enough warm clothes.

Normally Wane told us it was enough Wuhan has a small jacket. After verification on China Weather: It is split into two: Don vito go to sleep at Ben and Wane. Their apartment is very small and rather cute, they pay by the cons heating so they had not yet lit. Don Vito, 13th of november The next days will be spent in Wuhan, LSB play tonight, tomorrow we are, then is still a day off. Favorite traditional breakfast, here are pasta with a spicy sesame-peanut sauce, delicious. Add to that a barbecue skewer and the day may come. Kevin has once again need something from the music shop, one of cymbals is broken. So we take the bus to another town. Once there, we go walking through a park at the Revolution Museum, which is filled with colorful kitsch flower arrangements on various topics such as education, taxes, national defense, and eternal love.

Ben still has a tip and we end up in there in a drum school with a small shop. While Kevin shall examine the offer, we can listen to the little Wonder drummers of tomorrow and see and admire countless evidence obtained for contests. On the way back to the bus, we pass a couple of women who offer standing at the roadside some colorful paper. I learn that you can buy all sorts of bills and certificates stamped by train and plane tickets for the expense report through to diplomas and other qualifications. After a good hour bus ride back, we create our equipment to the Vox Club.

This is a very large and super professional shop, backline and PA are the finest, the staff are up to date and speak English well. The highlight is certainly a red-white cat who is incredibly curious and inquisitive. LSB to build and do sound check, I have a 7 clock my tattoo appointment, so just around the corner to Folk Hands cleared the bar and arm. Despite the small size of the subject, it still takes quite a while, when we come back to the club, is the opening act finished. Too bad, seems to have been quite good. There are about people there, many of them French. There are not so many foreigners in Wuhan, one of which, however, come from many Fankreich, partly because Renault and Citroen have here works.

All we know, but foreign language teacher at one of the universities. LSB play an excellent show with two encores, the audience is for this country rather cheerful. Toward the end of the gig should complete the shop again significantly, then is in fact Disse. Early in the morning eggs, we go home. Along the way we still buy for each a final beer, Christian carries the bag and falls onto the ground after 10 meters — 50 percent loss. Sichuan is the province whose main city is Chengdu, known for its very spicy food. I think many Westerners there found. It is run by Chinese, small deco ambience, punk, rock, with table football and a guy who has a tattoo booth. The Beer is 5 yuan, they also make cocktails at 20 or The place is nice.

The Don vito want to tattoo Chinese Don Vito on the arm. Heiko rdv takes for the next evening but the Christian done immediately. So we spent the rest of the evening was the look. Today, we repeat the breakfast habits with sesame noodles, then the guys from LSB go for a park with Ben, to shoot some photographs for his current project. Search for vision screening and rack takes nearly an hour, the production also. In the meantime, we go into a supermarket to buy juice and water. Big mistake — the overcrowded supermarket is huge, two-storey and total. Meanwhile, the glasses are ready, which cost about 15 euros. We hurry up to get away from here and hang around a while in the apartment.

From the window we see that the traffic outside came to a standstill, nothing is moving anymore. On foot we go to the club and wait for the sound man, who arrived two hours later, also on foot. The time we idle away with some pool billard and with the cat, who joined us playing. I change the strings on my guitar, the amazing animal steals one string and I have to stumble behind her all through the store to regain it… Today, Thomas gets a tattoo, his first, and painfully enough on the knee. After a few minutes, he looks pretty green in the face. We can not wait until he topples over not even happen, he keeps bravely through and go into the club. The opening act plays epic post-rock without any highpoints.

Our gig runs quite well in the second encore we want to play Ka, but I have no idea how the piece starts looking and must give up, we play something else. The same game as yesterday, fleeing the Disco crowd in the Folk Hands bar, night cap, home, sleep, cold. Le Singe Blanc, 15th of november The next morning it was late morning. Ben comes to us seeking one hour. We joined the others and they will eat noodles peanuts that is the specialty of Wuhan, I like too but kevin is excited and Bao Zi; is dough balls puffed cooked steam with meat inside is delicious for Metz is better known under the name of Ban bao.

There are 20 to 30 min bus so we did not have time to do something else, it is already 4am and we soundcheck 5h. The sound engineer of Vox called Thumper, it is very nice and speaks english. The pleasant surprise is that there really crowded at concert almost people and people are well founded. By cons after the concert on Vox turns into a kind of infamous nightclub, no desire to linger in the low-mid redneck, one size fissa drink once in Wuhan prison. More It was the birthday of a guy, there are tours available! Obviously I discuss and arrive too late to blows gratos … The evening was really fun, drinking beers and then finally follow ben a vodka red bull story be a little drunk because that good beers 2.

Heiko has his tattoo thomas sacrament and is trying, Heiko and pushes the alcohol, it rdv takes for the next 19h … [tattoo for Thomas Wuhan in our favorite bar] Late night around 3am, we are preparing to return with Clement and his girlfriend, you just order a small skewer outgoing history is stalling a bit because we did not eat much that night and yes China you can eat great even late at night or in the corners there clubs, guys are in the street making kebabs. By cons Clement gets a call from Remi their colleague teacher French to him and Ben, a real cream, it looks like francois Panielhe just got hit by a car, we must take him to sew up his chin to a hospital.

So they chopent soon a taxi and go home alone. Hospitals in China is the horror, worse than in the U. It No health system so if you have money they will treat, if you go home either a broken arm or something else. In this case we had to pay before remi power back into the room to be sewn they have the show the proof to a nurse who only then them opened the door. One really wonders what may well be of Communism in this country from the party. Wane said that sometimes tellers when they see their farmers say there more seating, even if it is not true, just because are peasants. It is a bit chilling … After ca does not law, of course we can not summarize a ca the Chinese mentality.

But in any case we feel strongly that overcrowding does not help make a friendly people and solidarity between them. I will now tell you my day on Saturday because What not all had the same. And then I let someone else Finally, because we are in a net cafe in Changsha and I have the sound check of Don Vito in 20min. And boy are they are frosts in the net coffee, my fingers are chilled … So Saturday, you wake up late the previous evening. Ben will take the three guys in the woods take pictures with them on a photographic project that develops in relation to the invention of a fifty seventh MINORITY China, in short something rather intellectual I hope you will an online photo, ca vaut le detour ….

Wu hen proposes to take me to a store where she goes and I said why not, it might be nice. Except that nobody thinks that was Saturday … We boarded the bus 15h, the soundcheck I don vito of a 17h. Wuhen, seeing that I was panicking a little me has to come down and take a taxi to go faster. That said the taxi does not Ennorme faster. Finally we come to No taxi does not stop, traffic is at its peak. So she told me take the street on the right and cross the bridge, I find taxis on the other side, and to write the address on a piece of paper. Me voila party alone and reached the place where we were the watch for cymbal Kevin. I boarded the first bus, it shows the address and he told me take Ok no problem, the arrives, I go inside, shows the driver the address, he confirmed.

It is already 17H10, I do will not be before At 18h we WAS stuck in traffic jams irrevocably. I was in despair when suddenly the driver shouted something in Chinese: I say stay on the bus is the best solution, take my misfortune and not pateince panic: It arrives at what appears to deposit the bus, it goes down and get something and then one starts actually to where people wanted him to go. House Of Congress Rep. Since March 17,I have been trying without success to get a direct answer to one simple question: Although you addressed this issue on Sunday on both Meet the Press and This Week with George Stephanopoulos, your comments did nothing to clarify this issue.

In fact, your responses contradicted other known facts and raised a host of new questions. During your interviews, you said the Bush Administration welcomes inquiries into this matter. Bush Administration Knowledge of Forgeries The forged documents in question describe efforts by Iraq to obtain uranium from an African country, Niger. For example, when you were asked about this issue on Meet the Press, you made the following statement: We did not know at the time -- no one knew at the time, in our circles -- maybe someone knew down in the bowels of the agency, but no one in our circles knew that there were doubts and suspicions that this might be a forgery.

Of course, it was information that was mistaken. Similarly, when you appeared on This Week, you repeated this statement, claiming that you made multiple inquiries of the intelligence agencies regarding the allegation that Iraq sought to obtain uranium from an African country. George, somebody, somebody down may have known. But I will tell you that when this issue was raised with the intelligence community Your claims, however, are directly contradicted by other evidence. Thielmann knew about the source of the allegation. The CIA had come up with some documents purporting to show Saddam had attempted to buy up to tons of uranium oxide from the African country of Niger.

As Thielmann read that the president had relied on these documents to report to the nation, he thought, "Not that stupid piece of garbage. My thought was, how did that get into the speech? In his column, Mr. In Februaryaccording to someone present at the meetings, that envoy reported to the C. The envoy reported, for example, that a Niger minister whose signature was on one of the documents had in fact been out of office for more than a decade When you were asked about Mr. The Washington Post reported on March 22 that CIA officials "communicated significant doubts to the administration about the evidence.

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